Candida Yeast

Candida Yeast

Candida yeast? It’s fairly well known now-a-days, but if you haven’t heard of it,it’s a fungus that lives within us. When out of balance, this fungus can grow inside the body. Antibiotics often promote this “overgrowth” or imbalance.

One of my wife and my earliest discoveries, and ultimately what led to our plant based diet, was that the body can become infected with Candida Yeast. In the early days of our attempts to lose weight, we stumbled upon the Life Force Plan. My wife, at the time, literally had every single one of the symptoms listed in the plan, so it made sense that she might have elevated yeast levels. Now the list is quite extensive, but many of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome are on that list. We gave the plan a shot, and it had excellent results.

Basically the plan, at the time, included a component that kept the yeast from growing (10-undecenoic acid) and probiotics to help support healthy bacteria flora in the intestines. The plan went to work immediately in my wife, producing flu like symptoms and amazing stomach upset. I’ve come to believe that the more the body is out of balance, the more dramatically it can react to good things! Sometimes, these reactions are interpreted as “bad” when in fact, they are not. (I’m not saying bad = painful, I’m saying bad = discomforting) In any case, many of her stranger symptoms subsided, like itching right where the arm bends, and her pallid complexion. As we later participated in fasting (years later), we came to understand that the symptoms she experienced were normal detoxification symptoms most likely related to the yeast die off. Far more on that later.

The plan was expensive, and despite improvements, my wife went off of it. Post plan, we avoided certain types of food, but continued on a meat-diary rich diet. As you will read in further posts, on the body’s environment, plant based diets, bechamp, somatids, and the like, this was the beginning of a path that has led us here.

Why is this listed as a paradigm shift? Because at the time, we saw with only western eyes. We were fat because we didn’t exercise enough. If we just exercised more, we would be skinny. So we ran and ran. Got an elliptical. Worked out three four times a week. Result? Nothing particularly noteworthy. It wasn’t until we discovered candida yeast that we realized that something else, beside just food and exercise could affect health. And ultimately your wellness.

Keep asking the right questions! Thanks for reading!

Year of this experience: 2006

Update: In 2013-2014, we finally cleared Michelle’s body of this using naturally fermented sauerkraut. Turns out, fungus and properly prepared ferments don’t get along.