About Us

Geoff and Michelle Huffman, gen-y-cusp-x-husband-wife-pair discovering the secrets of peak wellness and development.  We are self described wellness champions and have successfully self-navigated from the dangers of obesity, using the power of food coupled with consistent exercise – and we’re here to share what worked for us with you.

Who is “you”?  It’s the millennial generation, and those minds that are open to new information.  It’s the people who have been brought up without the needed information to be at peak wellness and who now desire it.

We’re not interested in hype or diets.  Give us long term results that produce lasting, sustainable vitality.  We take this seriously, even in the past becoming certified Health and Wellness Consultants.

We’re no strangers to obesity and the problems associated with it.  Between us we’ve lost 150 pounds and we’re counting down…

We’ve learned that peak wellness is an ancient art and modern science. Modern times have distorted our understanding of what it takes to be healthy, let alone optimally so.  So we’re sharing our success and more importantly, what we’ve experienced, so that you can benefit and we can grow together.

If anything here has helped you, or you have something to share, please let us know.

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