Bugs Dine Here

Bugs Dine Here

Any journey of wellness needs to consider the bacteria that grows in your upper and lower intestines.  My first exposure to this was during my study of candida, but as time has gone on, researchers are starting to study this varied flora that thrives in your gut.

Why’s it there?

Who knows!  Nature is cool like that, mysterious, and really could care less if we humans understand it, lol.  (though I’m sure the benefits of understanding nature for its own sake are worth the patience)  We can only try to understand why a colony of bacteria are living mutualistically in your intestines doing some really important things (according to wiki):

  • Breaking down unused food.
  • Producing vitamin B and K.
  • Keeping bad critters at bay by eating their food.
  • Training the immune system.

This is brand new science, but the art of replenshing this system is ancient.  Think of the following foods/processes that are rich in probiotics (good bugs):

  • Lacto-fermentation (non-refridgerator food storage)
  • Yogurt
  • Kombucha
  • Miso
  • Sauerkraut and Kimchi

So here’s the deal:

If you want to naturally maintain the environment in your gut to maintain a healthy balance, eat food that they can eat – food that supports them.

Think about it, if you’re pounding down expensive probiotics and eating food that will literally not decompose after sitting on a shelf for five weeks – is it good bug food?  Is it a rich food stuff for good bugs?

Nope, probably not.  Those priobotics?  Effective?  Yeah, probably not.

So you’re a five star feces chef, and who are you serving?


And in return?

They help you lose weight.  In fact, scientists have shown that obese and lean people have different gut flora.

Surprised?  No.  Because the environment of the gut results in a particular distribution of bacteria.  This is just my opinion, but come on, that’s not much of a stretch.  It’s almost common sense.

Will there be doctors trying to alter the gut flora’s distribution to make you skinny.  Yeah, probably.  Is it going to work?  Who knows, but I’m betting no.  We may seed the gut, but ultimately, the environment there will almost certainly dictate the distribution.

So go drink and eat some bugs.  Thank them with raw food – the kind you catch them eating when they aren’t hitching a ride with you.

Thanks for reading!  Keep demanding only the best information!