Citizen Doctors

Citizen Doctors

In my grandfather’s day, you took care of yourself. The wisdom of healing wasn’t something that was hidden away in the cryptic-damaging expression of a complex pharmaceutical. People understood that certain plants and certain foods could limit, ameliorate, and in fact, heal your disease. This was taken for granted – it was common sense.

Modern society has shifted the burden of health to a select intelligentsia, whose knowledge you are not privy to and whose access requires crossing a very expensive line – be it the entrance of a hospital or ER or private practice.  You pay.  A lot.  So did these experts, in time and resources, and so will you when the bills start rolling in.

Western allopathic medicine is a strange system, one for which I have no judgement. It simply is, for better or worse.  Sometimes better, oftentimes worse. Many people die because they go to hospital. Some people get well. Some people are medicated to death to manage symptoms. The outcome could be quite random depending on what ails you.

I was reading an excellent slide show from Sparks and Honey, which introduces a new concept: the citizen doctor. This resonated with me.

A citizen doctor is a person that leverages the great digital sea of information now available to us, takes their health into their own hands, and gets to healing themselves or those around them.

A great bureaucracy has erupted to keep quacks from selling false hope and non-medicine.  It holds back many people that might do harm, and in one imprecise swath, also holds back people who would do good. A necessary evil? I think it benefits everyone, and disadvantages everyone. Society only wants correct information being presented to everyone, so we can make informed decisions based on solid information.

This, sadly, has failed. Go ahead, try to discern if salt is good or bad for you!

Prevention is so much easier than cure! I believe a citizen doctor should follow the ancient laws of balance, the immutable laws of nature and keep our temples disease free to begin with. Consider this stanza from the original Hippocratic Oath:

I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.

Carefully consider this stanza. It states that the food you eat shall be the protocol. The doctor, who has taken this oath, will use food to heal you, to the best of his or her ability and that they will keep you from harm and injustice. How simple and elegant!  Have times changed? You bet. Has the ability of food (unadulterated-nature-stuff) suddenly been robbed of its ability to heal you? Certainly not.

Interestingly, this oath has been modernized and altered, sometimes dramatically.  Some of the doctors that treat you will have taken an oath, some will not have. Caveat Emptor. Choose your medicine very, very carefully – for within you, it may become a new disease.

I am a citizen doctor – an enthusiastic one.  I have seen the power of food with my own eyes, we all have. I assure you – it can be the very stuff of miracles. If mishandled, it can become the disease.

Your choice!

(Well, I guess you’re choosing already!)

In gratitude.