Coffee, You Jerk

Coffee, You Jerk

Coffee – a drink widely disseminated in the United States and abroad.  Everywhere you go, you can drink this heavily caffeinated brew.    Caffeine is a stimulant (duh) that increases your awareness, cognitive function, and overall metabolic rate.  In fact, you’ll find it as a primary ingredient in many diet pills.  Does this brew belong in your day to day diet?

Sadly, I believe not.  Here’s why.

1)  Coffee has a large amount of caffeine, which takes a long time to be metabolized by your body.  It’s half life (the time it takes half of it to be removed from your blood) is generally around 6 hours.  That’s a long time!  So, let’s say you drink 200mg of caffeine at 2pm.  At 8pm, you probably still have 100mg of caffeine swimming around in your blood.  This can negatively affect your sleep.  And trust me, you need your sleep!

2)  So, here’s the thing about coffee that keeps me from having it in my diet on a regular basis.  When I drink coffee in the morning, at around 2pm, I “crash”.  By crash, I mean get very tired, and then shortly thereafter get very hungry, probably due to the stimulating effects on my metabolism and the effects on the brain.  This makes it more difficult to control cravings and I notice that my portion sizes get bigger to compensate (or as my wife and I sometimes say – to “buffer”)

3)  Coffee is acidic.  Remember that when the body digests fruits and vegetables, what’s left is alkaline.  Coffee.  Well, sorry, but it’s not, lol.  So long term, consistent use is likely to engage the body’s alkaline buffers.  It works hard to keep you in balance.

I guess it boils down to a saying, “If you put your body to task doing anything other than weight loss, it won’t lose weight, or it will lose weight more slowly than necessary.”

So can you drink coffee?  Of course.  Do you want it as part of your day-in, day-out diet.  Nope.  Not in my estimation.

Keep asking the right questions!

P.S.  Depressed?  Drink green tea.  Amazing, delicious, green tea.  You don’t crash unless you drink a gallon of it, and it’s alkaline, fights cancer, and helps you lose weight.  It’s all in the meta!  More on that later!