Don't Pull the Trigger

Don’t Pull the Trigger

Three weeks have gone by and I’ve been totally evolved – losing inches, pounds slipping away, feeling amazing.  Then.  Suddenly….

Pizza*.  And wings.

Now, I know the right thing to do.  I’ve read the science and have committed to a lifestyle that avoids these foods.  I should say, “I’ll pass.”  And I do, most of the time.  95%+ of the time.

But, then, they’re these things called trigger foods.

A trigger food, for me at least, is a food that calls forth memories, emotions, and thoughts of pleasure.  You associate good feelings with these foods, and eating them somehow brings these memories to the forefront, making you feel satiated, both physically and emotionally.

That’s what makes this game so hard (doing the right thing all the time). Food is tied to our emotions (especially in America), and sometimes they are hard to resist – the food and the emotions.  They both can be physically addicting.  More on that later.

Remember that processed foods are engineered.  They are made to make you desire them, react to them, and consume them in quantity.

If you catch yourself overeating – ask yourself, “Why?”.  Take note of how you feel.  What emotions are you experiencing?  If you’re eating just because you’ve always felt a certain way when you ate it, or if you’ve always eaten large quantities in a group – take note, avoid these foods and situations or swap your trigger food.  (They make some killer vegan pizzas, lol)

You see, changing your lifestyle is a story of emotion, physical addiction, and changing your perceptions.  It’s really tough.  So remember, this is a process, and eating a slice of pizza isn’t the end of the world.  Your body can handle that slice of pizza.  Just don’t eat five, or you’ll be slogging for days!

*Pizza is mine, Michelle’s is Blueberry Muffins.