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Next generation wellness is the art of using food to create balance and wellness in our bodies and lives.  It unleashes the power of food to provide us with bodies and minds that are clean, plentiful energy, and robust health.

Evolved is the tool we use to get there.


It’s primarily a lifestyle – a frame work that you can use to produce peak wellness in your life.  And when I say peak, I mean PEAK.  Your body is going to do things that will surprise you, and you’re going to eventually feel amazing.  It’s a feeling that I have never forgotten and that I go back for time and time again.  It’s hard to sustain indefinitely, but if I could, it might be close to the perfect human diet, it’s that epic.

Evolved is next generation wellness.  I believe that eventually, the basic tenants described below will be taught to our grandchildren’s children.  Why not take advantage of this information now?

Let me warn you, it’s not easy and it’s not for everybody because it requires will-power and an investment of about three weeks where your habits need to change.  Your body may experience detoxification symptoms.  Yet, after three weeks, depending on the state that you start in, you should begin the healing process.  If you start this process while you are substantially well, you might just experience peak wellness.

Quick disclaimer!  If you’re not healthy, consult a doctor before changing anything in your diet.

Well OK, here we go:

E – Energized!  The E stands for Energized and it’s a combination of three things – green drink (aid the body in being alkaline), hydrate (drink the right amount of water), and exercise (walking is sufficient).  You can get a powdered green drink or juice one.  Drink high quality, clean water (spring water from actual springs), and move your body – walking is good.

V – Veganish!  The V stands for veganish, which means you choose a diet that is primarily plants – an anti inflammatory diet where you are eating in ratios that dramatically favor plants over meat and diary.  Dr. Weil’s anti inflammatory diet is a great one to follow.  The following five items are the areas where change can be challenging:

  • Meat – If you’re eating meat, eat fish.  Limit your total meat intake by replacing a great portion of it with tofu, legumes – other sources of high quality protein.
  • Diary – Limit your intake.  I’m not a big fan of diary at all, but eating some isn’t the end of the world.  Use Dr. Weil’s diet as a guide, because he’s a doctor.  But honestly, milk makes skinny calves into fat cows, so….  do the math…
  • Alcohol – In moderation.
  • Chocolate – Only high quality dark chocolate, and in moderation.
  • Artificial Sweeteners – None!  Sorry.

O – Optimized Portions and Oxygenate!  Eat until you’re full, around one fist to one and a half fists of food.  Then stop.  At least once a day, make sure you’re breathing clean air for about a half hour – take a mile walk and breathe deeply.

L – Low Acidity and Lacto!  Avoid acidic food and beverages.  Swap as many as you can.  For example, swap coffee for tea, swap processed food for whole food, etc.  Begin eating lacto fermented food on a regular basis.

V – Very Low Toxicity!  If you can’t read it and research that it’s a safe, natural, organic ingredient – pitch it, lol.

E – Every Month Fasting!  This is one of the toughest ones, but it’s part of the plan.  This is a short water fast, from 24 – 36 hours every month or so.  It’s a careful, short fast, used primarily to reset your digestive system.

D – Driven!  This is another tough one, that requires investment.  This one is about your place in your life, in your environment, “in universe”.  It’s about doing the things that fulfill you.  This drive to fulfillment is an essential aspect of the EVOLVED lifestyle.

I hope this helps.  We’ll post quite a bit about each of the topics above, but that’s it in a nutshell.  Every single one of these things would help you, and many diets/lifestyles are built on a single one of these.  There’s nothing wrong with that – but there is certainly magic in doing it all together.  It’s hard to describe really.  Until you do it.  The magic is in the doing!

Keep asking questions!  Thanks for reading!