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Food Connections

Food is vital to our living experience.  We know this intrinsically – that without the food we eat, we would simply cease to exist.  This, I believe, is the simplest understanding of food, and sadly, this conceptualization has become quite main stream – that food is just stuff that is meant to pleasure us and keep us from feeling hunger.  In fact, food does more than just feed, it also heals, rebuilds, and rebalances us.  In this article, I discuss food connections, the meta properties of food that we can use to help us to wellness.

Food is…

Food is more than just building blocks our body uses to fuel ourselves. It’s YOU.

Modern industry has taken food from its intended purpose – that of healing, building, and connecting – and transmogrified it into a drug.  Think about it with me for a moment – a drug is a compound that has been rendered from its original, natural entity and reduced, often, to its constituent parts, those that produce intended results.   Isn’t that what processed food is?  A chemical engineer has designed the fast food you’re eating – much thought has been put into how to keep you coming back.

Your food has undergone a similar change – in every way, it has become a pharmaceutical creation.

Next Generation Wellness

Our children have begun dying from the food they’re eating.  They are sick, obese, autistic, allergic, lethargic, pallid, diabetic, contracting cancer, and if not any of the above, often they are out of balance.  My generation (millennial) is tasked with stopping this worrying trend, and together, we can craft a solution.  Here’s how I’ve succeeded in changing my world-food-view – I can’t wait to hear your approach!

To begin to achieve better results, first the definition of what matters must change.  From food is derived the building blocks your body uses to maintain itself, true, but it’s more than that.  It’s in the meta-properties of food that you find the miracle of peak wellness.

Food’s Meta-Properties

Detox – Foods that aid in the body’s ability to remove toxins found in our modern society.  There are dozens of very powerful food sources that can remove poisons and toxins from your body.

Heal & Balance – Certain foods can rebalance the body when it has become out of balance due to the environment and when properly prepared can heal disease.  Sometimes without any side effects.  Each body is unique in metabolism and composition, certain foods will work with your body to balance you and some will work against you. This changes with the seasons.  Healing and balance are intertwined, because without one, the other can’t occur.

Flora – Properly prepared foods will be rich (and safely so) with the bacteria you need to maintain optimum health.  Find this source from the food you eat, from the place that you are, and you will increase your interconnectedness. foodConnectionsPie

Rebuild –  Your everyday life will wear your body down, and you need to rebuild it.  Certain foods do this very well.  You’ll need to put some thought into this area, or your recovery times may take too long.  This might be handled with plants, but some meat might be necessary to accomplish your goals.

Alkalanize – One of the most critical, is food that will help you reduce your acidity.  This food is almost always a plant, and when purchased locally will work in tandem with Flora to increase your interconnectedness with your environment.

This isn’t a complete list and as my journey continues, I will probably add more.  Today, you can take advantage of a new way of looking at your food by asking the questions that matter.  How does your food stack up to the above?  In what quantities do you eat foods in each of these categories?  Do you need help understanding them?

Notice that there are no percentages in the chart?  That’s because each of those areas will be proportional to your environment and your personal experience – and as you change, so shall your needs.  I believe there are no “correct” universal diets because your milieu will dictate a unique diet suited to your body and the place that you are – only local foods can feed you the way you need to be fed in order to thrive.

Mind blown?  I hope so, this can change everything.  We, as citizen doctors (healers in general), need to stop latching onto simple, single variate truths, seeking to monetize them.  All things are interconnected, and so is your wellness.  We have so many different definitions of food and health – regardless of their sources, let’s embrace those that are true and discard those that are not.  Let your experience guide you.  Once your body is clean, and you eat something, if it sickens you, throw it out.

Peak wellness is not a product, it’s a process – one borne from earth’s resources and our conscience choices.

In gratitude.