Forge Work Gaia, and Small Changes

Forge Work Gaia, and Small Changes

My Next Project

Forge Work Gaia is my next big project. It’s a tool to be used to experience peak wellness, and a way to track your progress towards self-realization. Complex systems can be difficult to change, and the mind-body connection is no different.

For me, it’s easiest to start with the body, because the body greatly influences the mind. Stress, saturated fat, lack of sleep: the Human Machine is intertwined with your perceptions of your experience here. You need it, and it needs you.

I’ll keep you updated as I make progress, but in the interim, let me be more prescriptive about how to begin your journey.

First, you need to decide it’s worth it, and I’ve written extensively about this, because this is where most people trip up. If you’re as eager as I was when I started, then here’s a step by step guide to begin cleaning out your body.

Getting Started

Goodbye Animal Products

Start by eliminating meat and diary from at least three meals a week. It’s a small step, but it has impact. It will be you taking control of what’s going into your mouth, and that small, willful decision will begin the process of you taking control. The absolute truth? You won’t experience peak wellness until 95% of your meals are plant based.

Bummed out? So are the cows that are tortured to death for your hamburger. Get over yourself. You don’t need three meals a day of meat, and you probably don’t need three meals a week. Especially as you age.

Removing diary is impactful. You will feel differently, I assure you. Removing 95% of the meat and diary from your diet, CORRECTLY, will cure most of the diseases of excess (heart disease, Diabetes II, etc.). Yeah, you read that right. At this point, I would call this common knowledge.

After this, begin the process of cleansing. This is very powerful, and doesn’t need to be complex. Drink raw juice, green drinks, and lemon water made from organic lemons (no sugar). And make sure the water you’re using is spring water, with no chlorine or fluoride.

Drink this every day.

In Summary

Are these small steps, removing animal products a couple times a week, and drinking juice or lemonade, going to revolutionize how you feel?

Probably not, you have to go all the way wellness champion. All the patterns have to be implemented, simultaneously, for you to begin to experience peak wellness. That’s why I’m building Forge Work Gaia.

But get started. Small steps become strides, become the radical changes that can lead to life changing state evolution. And state is everything. How you feel influences how you experience. And it can all start with a glass of lemonade.