Next Generation Wellness

Next generation wellness recognizes that wellness is multifaceted and that knowledge of the human body isn’t perfect. As a result, neither is all of the information available to us. At its core, Next Generation Wellness provides the body peak nutrition and should result in intense, positive feelings, optimum living, and peak wellness states.

Next Generation Wellness attempts to provide the perfect human diet by fully satisfying the nutritional needs of each of the body’s systems through a consistent, repeatable framework. Each area of focus is meant to work together to produce peak wellness and healing states. This is accomplished by introducing high quality, whole food and avoiding food that resists wellness, while maintaining cleansing habits that provide the environment of the body the ability to reach peak states.

The time investment needed to fully realize peak states varies, but in general, after three weeks changes in energy, drive, and emotional state are recognizable. To summarize, next generation wellness addresses the following key areas:

1)      Oxygen Intake
2)      Toxicity
3)      Exercise
4)      Acidity
5)      Probiotics
6)      Intermittent Fasting / Cleansing


To maintain energy levels, it’s important to manage your oxygen and circulatory system.

1)      Exercise – be active. By moving your body, you assist your circulation, of blood and lymph, which assists in healing and maintaining your body. Walking is a good start, but it may not be sufficient to reach your goals. Verify the air in your home is clean and healthy and remember to breath in long, deep breaths for at least a few minutes every day.
2)      Hydrate – drink clean, unchlorinated and unfluoridated water, as much as a gallon a day, depending on your activity.

Plant Based Diet

Choose a diet that is primarily plants – an anti-inflammatory diet where you are eating in ratios that dramatically favor plants over meat and dairy. Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet is a great one to follow. Additionally, here are two key factors to consider in your diet.

1)      Portions. Optimized portions mean that you eat until full, then stop.
2)      Quality. Eat whole, unaltered food in as close to its natural state as possible.

Acidity / Toxins

There are arguments how much food affects your acidity, but it is a useful way to evaluate the food we’re eating. Acidity present in your urine has been demonstrated to cause kidney stones, but the effects are probably much further reaching.  I’ve noted that when I’m acidic (saliva/urine), it can affect my mood. There are two types of acidity – mineral and electrical.  Both are important.

1)      Eat living food. Unprocessed food provides an alkalizing effect and the energy of life.
2)      Drink green drink – Raw juice is your best bet, but the powdered form can help maintain your PH balance as well.
3)      Avoid all toxins in any amount. If you can’t read it and research that it’s a safe, natural, organic ingredient – pitch it, lol.  Remove all artificial sweeteners from your diet.
4)      Remove all acidic beverages from your diet. Drink tea instead of soda.

Probiotic Support

Research has shown surprising correlations between gut bacteria and obesity as well as mental health. Maintaining your gut bacteria has a range of health benefits and is critical to peak wellness.

1)      Add raw, unpasteurized miso to your diet as well as lacto-fermented foods.
2)      Eat sufficient fiber to support a thriving bacteria colony.

Fasting / Cleansing

Periodically abstain from food or eat a cleansing diet. This is a personal choice, but a short water fast lasting 24 hours is an ancient healing tradition. This improves discipline, contracts the stomach, and provides the liver the ability to cleanse itself.

Life Walk

Living a fulfilling life that includes meaningful and whole relationships is critical to finding out more about your journey here. Once you find the why, many intangible benefits will follow, further helping you to accomplish your wellness goals.

Sum It Up

Taking each of these into account when you build your lifestyle will dramatically improve your well-being. It all matters, from the humidity in the air, to the quality of the apples you buy. Your body is a system, and managing each element of that system will produce vibrant health.


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