No Slog Zone

No Slog Zone

Slogging is the term my wife and I use for when we’ve overeaten and there’s an abundance of undigested food in the body.  This is a suboptimal state and if left long enough can cause all kinds of issues, including the build up of sputum, which inhibits the bodies ability to move energy (qi).  This is an ancient truth and I have experienced this time and time again.

When you overeat, think about what happens.  You place an enormous amount of food (more than a single fistful, perhaps 1.5 fistfuls) into your stomach.  The body reacts by dumping insulin into your blood, empties the gallladder of bile, and increases stomach acid.  It also reduces oxygen and blood levels to the rest of your body (ever get really tired after eating?).

The body is busy digesting food.  Not healing.  Not breaking down fat.  Not detoxifying.

Overeat once, you’re probably fine.  It’s when you do it over and over, day after day, that it becomes problematic and can begin to create disease through an enormous variety of ways.  One of them, as previously mentioned, is phlegm (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Phlegm can stagnate and eventually cause disease.  Other ways are weight gain (duh), bloating, improper digestion, taxing (weakening) of digestion organs, etc. etc.

Another way of saying this is, “If you put your body to task doing anything other than weightloss, it won’t lose weight.”  Overeating is one of those things that seems like it’s not a big deal while it’s happening.  And honestly, it would be hard to convince me that once in a while overeating isn’t okay – it’s the constant overeating that’s pervasive today that needs to be avoided if you’re to maintain optimum wellness.  And that’s irrespective of the diet you follow – totally plant based, or otherwise.

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