When this journey started, I was blind. I am no longer. I share this knowledge with you freely, because, above all, it’s not mine. I refuse to monetize it and I refuse to water it down. I offer it to you in its raw state, and you will do with it what you choose.

In my life, I’ve tried to help some, but in the end, no one wants help, they want the story about why they aren’t happy, aren’t well. Unknowingly, they crave slow creeping death. And to them, I say: When you choose death, nature rots you.

Nature is law. It does not bend, and you can not escape it. It’s no more apart from you as your arms and toes.

In short, this site isn’t for everyone. It’s for the many who have been duped by products, and schemes, and manipulated by a society that must survive. It’s for the people who feel off and know something is wrong, and underneath it all, can sense that they are missing something important, something they deserve.

A holy gift stolen.

This is for those rare few that take action, and see things to the end. They don’t need any more nice, they need the truth. So if that’s you, first, suspend your judgment, because if you’re new, you have no idea how deep your ignorance truly is.

To those who are ready, I say welcome. If you aren’t, go find a revenue driven wellness blog, buy another pill, another fad, another empty promise, another pretty face. Move along.

Still here? Start with the Wellness Theory of Everything, and read the Human Machine Guidebook.

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