Hello! If you’re reading this, then you’re probably new to this blog.

Here’s how it works. When I discover something that creates a perspective shift that helps me understand myself or my role “in universe”, then I post it to the home page and feature it. Those are the pictures you see rolling on the home page. If you want to follow my major discoveries to date, just read through those posts.

My wife and I have a distinctive wellness belief system, borne from experience and the fearless, consistent challenge of our own status quo. The last ten years (from 2006) have brought such enormous changes for us – from our diet to our worldview – that we wanted to give this information away.

How can you benefit?

First, suspend your judgement. Belief systems are very personal, so when considering another’s, be open minded. That includes us and our readers. If you succeed in this suspension, that is our gift to you. Not many of our readers will be able to do this.

Second, read through the areas on health. Start with Wellness Theory of Everything.

Third, enjoy yourself and kindly check your negative worldview at the door. Nothing is better in life than laughing, understanding, and that moment when your perception of yourself, others, and your world becomes clearer.

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