Peak Wellness

At first, my wife and I’s search was simply weight loss.  In every way, this did not work in producing long term results.  We had short term bursts of success and then settled back into old habits, which resulted in the same body-environment – and ultimately, the same weight and the same problems.  After years of stumbling, we found one goal that kept us on track: peak wellness.

After discovering candida, it became clear that there was something more afoot.  This equation was more than just energy in, energy out – the simple math to which modern, Western medicine loves to reduce the problem of weight loss.  Oh, trust me, it’s not that simple!  It might have been before the 70’s introduction of high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and all sort of better living through chemistry non-sense, but our modern era has added new (I mean, brand new, never experienced) hurdles to arriving at wellness.

So eventually, we started seeking wellness, not weight loss.  And from here, the results were and are astounding.

Often, life answers the questions you ask it.  Ask better questions.  Seek, and ye shall receive.

Wellness as a goal means you seek a body-mind-environment that is clean and free of disease – natural and in balance.  This resulted, for us, in rapidly accelerated weight loss and profound, ongoing detoxification.  When you do this, you get out of your body’s way and it cleans itself.  You allow your body to get rid of the toxins that are rife in the modern world and do its job – to allow you (the driver, soul-walker) to experience life in its fullest expression within the constraints that you live with today – some real, some imagined – to be at your highest expression, right now.

So wellness is great and we are still seeking it (we aren’t perfect all the time),  but an idea emerged on our journey and has become our current focus: peak wellness or optimum wellness.

Next Generation Wellness (NGW) is the tool we’re using for this.  It goes beyond just getting out of the body’s way, it actually takes action to aid the body, propel it, and tune it.

When you are eating foods that heal you, taking actions that detoxify you, and thinking thoughts that build you, you will eventually reach a state of peak wellness.  It can take some time depending on your current lifestyle.  For the first truly peak experience, it took me years of eating a clean, primarily plant based diet and three weeks straight of no-cheating NGW. It was after being on NGW for the first time that I experienced this state.

Since, I have reached this state dozens of times in the last few years and it’s amazing, almost indescribable.  Here’s what I have experienced:

  • Clear thinking
  • Immediate access to peak emotional states
  • Raging energy (think freight train)
  • Desire to excel, to walk my path
  • Feelings of profound connectedness
  • Effortless weight loss and the end of my obesity
  • Slowing of hair loss (I’ve even witnessed some of my hair grow back)
  • Rapid healing after surgery

So, I have to give this away to anyone who’s listening.

But Why?

I’ve encountered this line of reasoning many times.  It goes like this, I know this person who did and ate anything they wanted and they lived until they were 90, why should I bother with this?

I can think of a dozen reasons, but health-span is the main one.  Being alive doesn’t mean you’re well.  The key distinction here is that health-span does not equal life-span.  Life-span is the number of years you are alive.  Health-span is the number of years you are vital and able.  In a word, well.

Wellness is focused on your vitality and when you are alive – your present, your right now.  It’s about unlocking the vitality that is pregnant within your body, and releasing states of joy and happiness.  It’s substantially free of symptoms of discomfort.  It’s the number of days that all of your options are still before you.

How many of those days do you need?

I believe as many as you can get.

Thanks for reading!

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