Peak Wellness

The human machine is our personal vessel transporting us through life, and it’s under attack. Modern life wears at each of us, and eventually our god given rights as human beings are stripped from us.

That right is peak wellness.

What is it?

You should feel connected, bold, and be brimming with energy, taking on your life’s challenges with more than just verve. You should be ill rarely, and recover quickly. Every cell inside you should resonate with blue-life. Sleep should come easily, and feelings of joy and warmth should unexpectedly rush into you. Headwind connections should form all around you, and a lingering wonder should alight upon you unexpectedly: awe from the beauty of it all, from the gift we call call life.

That’s not you?

Then you have not experienced peak wellness. You can, I promise. If I’ve been convinced of anything, it’s that this is for each of us, and it is unalienable.

Start with the Human Machine Guidebook, the manual you never got that teaches you how to be well. Read it, debate it, and the few of you that care enough to act, help me to improve it.

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