Plant Based Diet

Plant Based Diet

After finding out about Candida Yeast, quite some time passed, maybe a couple years. We still didn’t lose weight and our diet, despite some noteworthy modifications (reduced diary, reduced processed sugar and flour) we still didn’t have measurable results. This, as you might imagine (or might be living right now) was quite frustrating!

Enter Skinny Bitch. Ultimately, there are only two things that determine if you’re different ten years from now, the books you read and the people you meet. Well, this is one of those books that has a polarizing affect for some – for my in-group at least, people either loved it or hated it. It challenges many people’s belief system, and does so without restraint and a hilariously irreverent tone.

I’ll post quite a bit concerning the ideas held in this book, but here are the golden nuggets:

1)  Meat and diary are not good for you.  In excessive amounts, they can cause a host of health problems.

2)  Artificial sweeteners are never good for you.

3)  Our meat industry is off the rails.  The food we eat on a daily basis has been tortured.

In a nutshell, “You are what you eat”. No really, take pause. The things you place into your mouth, through digestion and the miracle of the human body, literally become you. LITERALLY. That includes the hormones of terror and despair.

From the bibliography of Skinny Bitch, Sweet Poison, Slaughterhouse, Breaking the Food Seduction.

After taking in this mountain of data, I had to conclude that meat sourced from the majority of slaughterhouses in America should be avoided. Also, it occurred to me that I was taking in a cartoonishly large amount of meat and that the optimal amount for me was probably none to perhaps eight ounces a week.

Well my wife and I had almost no meat for almost two years. We lost a ton of weight, reconnected with God, and felt amazing in ways that we hadn’t since our teenage years. Most importantly discovered peak wellness.

In future posts, I’ll describe the lifestyle that we now prescribe to, it deserves its own post and page, but let me assure you that most of the food you eat ought to be plant based. It changes everything by healing your relationship with food.

Going plant based, if only for that, is worth it.