Retracing and Healing

Retracing and Healing

When I write here, I try to stick to well understood, scientific truth, so as to not lead anyone astray. I believe the truth matters, and that our understanding of wellness, our maps, should be accurate and free of bias. Sometimes, my wife and I experience unexpected results about which there’s little to no information available. This blog entry outlines one of these hard to explain phenomenon, something hard core fasters call retracing and what we’ve come to call strongholds.

During extended fasts, juice or water based, the body experiences healing in a way that most modern people will never have the opportunity to appreciate. The body is capable of amazing feats. Think about it, even healing itself is amazing, that the body seeks balance and will regenerate itself is a gift that’s difficult to appreciate. Healing, though, comes in more forms than physical, and includes emotional components as well.

Now, here comes the square peg that isn’t going to fit into any scientific holes. During multiple fasts with both my wife and I, fasting has given us the opportunity to re-experience and eliminate what we’ve come to call strongholds. These are deep mental patterns that have existed in our minds for a large swath of time, fundamental beliefs that are usually incorrect, or as I like to call them, wrong-thinking. Old emotions are brought to the surface, and often we’re given a new opportunity to deal with old patterns that no longer serve us, or are bringing us undetectable pain.

An example would be if you grew up poor. You never had decent clothes and couldn’t afford a nice car. When you lived every day being mocked for this, you might come to believe that you are less. This is an example of wrong-thinking. Why should you believe that you are anything because of something you own? Do you think the clothes you wear or the car you drive define you? Of course not, but once deep seated beliefs are installed and become subconscious, they can become difficult to detect.

We have to love ourselves. It’s absolutely necessary, and deep seated beliefs about yourself that are untrue can be deleterious to your wellness. For some reason, fasting seems to ferret these strongholds out and make them visible. During a fast, you might retrace old physical wounds, but be prepared, more prepared, for the emotional wounds that might begin healing. Honor those feelings, and then let them go. If you don’t, the next time you fast, you might just be challenged with them again!

Fast carefully, but believe me when I say there are benefits. Wellness champions know that happiness and positive emotion are key to peak wellness.

Dig up those old, broken beliefs, honor them, and boldly let them go.  Choose a new path, a new road.