Unlocking Peak States

Unlocking Peak States

Peak states are hidden away for most modern people, obfuscated by judgement and the objectification of everything around them – their food, their ideas, their relationships.

How do we unlock our peak states again, to become bold, and unwavering? To realize ourselves fully, and without inhibition?

First Steps

First, become aware that something’s been taken, even if you can’t put your finger on what that is. When you’re ready, you’ll feel off and know something is wrong. Underneath it all, you’ll sense that you’re missing something important, something you deserve.

And you are. There is more to this! While you, your parents, and their parents were asleep, an unalienable right has been taken from you, a holy gift stolen. You take life as you know it, the slow progression to death, disease, aging, for granted. After all, it’s all that you know.

Nature never intended life (the most beautiful, and holy gift imaginable) to be miserable. You aren’t supposed to feel like shit, slogging through life from one hangover to the next, from one hamburger to what might be your last.

Life is joyous, and whether you want to admit it or not, it conspires to heal you, to bring you into a balance that will lift you up, and to deliver your dreams. Your emotions and body should resonate a harmony that sends feelings of boldness, fearlessness, and certainty washing over you and onto those around you.

Next Steps

After you’ve become aware that something is missing, you need to get the hell out of your own way. You have a lifetime of scripts in your mind, and most of them suck, especially those that bring you to judge. Seriously, what do you believe? Do you even know?

It’s best to lay these scripts aside and center yourself. Remind yourself that you’ve been given one of the most incredible instruments devised by God. It’s like giving a toddler a golden chariot. We can’t even understand how lucky we are to possess this machine, this veritable temple of myriads.

So what are Peak States?

Peak states are the result of tuning BOTH body and mind. And WHAT we are doing is second fiddle to HOW WE PERCEIVE what we are doing. When we become congruent with both internal and external self, there’s no room to cast shadows. There is only I AM. In this place, you feel amazing.

Peak state is a combination of our healthy bodies, feelings, perceptions, and beliefs, all collapsed into a moment in time.

What we believe physically changes us, and there’s some science to suggest it changes the engines of our bodies: water.

Life begets life. What do you beget?

How do you start? Read the human machine guidebook.