Weightloss is Not the Goal

Weightloss is Not the Goal

If you’re here because you need a new diet, friend, I’m sorry to disappoint.  My experience has given me the following distinction:

Being overweight is not the problem.  It’s a symptom of the problem.  The food that you eat (and a few other things) create an environment within your body.  Your physiological, and in some cases your psychological self, is simply the reflection of that environment.

Some of these elements are out of your control.  Some are not.

You’re responsible for the environment of your body, and no short term plan is likely to permanently alter that environment.  Some things you can’t change, some things you can change radically.

Honor that distinction, and weight loss becomes irrelevant, because it’s not the goal.  It’s a byproduct of your lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!

P.S.  What’s the goal then that produces weight loss?  Wellness.  More on that later!