Wellness All In: Act

So it’s time to go wellness all in – it’s time to act!  You’ve got your reason why and you’re ready to take in new information on its face, without judgement.  You understand that right now, your habits have created you and it’s time to install some new ones.

First things first: slow down.  The actions that produce short term gain and life long gain are very different.  The action that’s needed for life long wellness isn’t a spastic knee jerk reaction that has you restricting your calories so far that you’re starving, nor is it an action where you are working out so much that you’re injuring yourself – nor, in my estimation, is it a pill, or a surgery, or crash “eat only this” diet.  Life long results come from a slow flame, a consistent program that works for you and your life.

If you are truly seeking life long results, then you’ll need to focus on a few key areas.

Food vs “Food Product”

In order to be successful in life long wellness that results in a body you’re satisified with, you’ll need to be eating living food.  Study the differences between real, whole food, and the food that is often offered to you in our grocery stores.

Pro Tip:  Your local farmers are often incredible sources of raw, whole, living food.

To give you an idea, it takes a highly educated consumer to ascertain what food is fully “good” for you, and which food has hidden dangers and poisons.  Act today, pick up a book, watch a documentary – you can visit my Must Read section to start, but don’t let that limit you.  There are so many great authors, doctors, and folks in nutrition speaking truths, find them and on your next trip to the grocery store, get ready to hang out in produce!

Patience, Wellness Champion

The human body is an environment within an environment – you’ve brought a sack of sea water with you to the party.  The environment in this sack is biologically and chemically driven, and peak wellness demands that its balance changes over time.  There’s just no getting around it, you need to put the time in.  Don’t get discouraged, but it might take years and years for you to accomplish your goals.

I want to reiterate that this has been my experience.  There are a few people that can change their course overnight, fully commit to sweeping lifestyle change, and never look back, reaping results in a matter of months.

Good for them!  They’re part cyborg 😉

The truth is that once the body is toxic, returning to health and balance becomes a process and it can take some time.  I guess the message here is that you should focus on getting into balance, not on any specific result.  If that won’t work for you, and you’re the type of person who really loves to track your progress, awesome!  Just please remember, you might be able to get your body to a particular state – but will it stick?  Is this person you’ve created in four months going to be permanent?  What happens when you’ve met that “lose twenty pounds” goal?  What then?  Sadly, old habits suddenly reappear – and their old selves not far behind them.

It takes time to develop life long habits and change your beliefs.  If you make temporary changes, your body adapts, you lose weight, drop inches – maybe you reach your goals, but have you developed the habits you need to support your results when you’re not working out eight times a week eating 1200 calories a day?  (which is probably unhealthy for you by the way, don’t do that)

Develop a pattern that you can fully commit to for the rest of your life.  After a while, see if that gets you the results you’re looking for.  If it doesn’t, make the necessary adjustments and observe the results.  There is no universal “correct” way to go about peak wellness, it will depend on your environment, e.g. your job, your food, your water, your stress levels etc. etc.

Remember, your overall wellness is more about what you do every day then it is about what you do only occassionally.

Moderation is Key

So you’re learning.  You’ve bitten into the first organic apple you can remember and whipped up your first bowl of raw, organic miso soup.  You’ve added gentle, consistent exercise to your everyday routine and took off five pounds.  Then on Friday, you fall off the rails.  You weigh yourself and realize you’ve gained all five pounds back in one sitting!

All successful wellness plans assume you’re human.  Because you are.  Peak wellness includes the occassional cup of  whatever gets you going, and not even one teaspoon of guilt.

Your focus should be on choosing again.  Focus on your weekly intakes.  Don’t focus on the occassional diversions from what works for you, your body is made to handle those.  If you’re eating primarly plant based, whole food day in and day out, your body becomes extremely resilient to these slips.

Continue Learning and Don’t Give Up

Haters gonna hate.  Ignore them.  There’s no replacing peak wellness.  Keep learning about new ways to use food and exercise, safely, to produce wellness in your body – and if you find something awesome, share it with us.

The first time your body is in tune and free of toxins, you’ll experience peak wellness.  You’ll never forget that feeling, because that’s you.  Celebrate that moment!

Thank you for reading, I hope this series helps you get your journey started.  I hope to meet you on the road, or maybe at a farmer’s market.

In Gratitude and To Your Health!