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Sometimes we are lost.  That’s okay; part of the journey we’re on together includes times when we’re lost.  If you’re on a path where you aren’t unlocking your body’s amazing potential to heal and be in peak wellness, and you want to get started today, this is your page.  Is it time to go all-in?

First step: Decide

Of all of the steps, this is the genesis of change.  You need a reason so profound that it wakes you up in the morning and drives you.  What are you living for?  What’s worth feeling amazing about?  If you don’t have a reason to be fully alive and in peak wellness, then why start?  When things get tough (they do) how will you keep moving forward (you probably won’t). So before you do anything about your current track, first find the reason you’re changing.

If you don’t do this, stop.  What’s the point?  And remember, when you choose to not choose, you’ve chosen.  Choose again until you’ve settled on a burning desire, something you love and that loves you back.  Something forever.

Need help deciding?

Second step:  Relinquish Judgment

If you’ve already decided what works, how will you change?  If you knew what works, how have you come to be unwell?  You have a worldview that’s so pervasive you probably don’t even know it’s there.  Believe me when I say that you might not know it’s there, but it is, and right now, it’s limiting you.   If you stick with this process, you should see the barriers, and if you’re gifted (as we all are innately), that awareness might enable you to change them, even eliminate them.

Don’t decide anything unless it’s safely borne from your experience. Prudence and reliance on trustworthy information will be critical to your success; don’t believe a damn thing until you’ve safely experienced it – it is only at that point that you Know.  See everything as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

Need help relinquishing judgment?

Third Step: Learn

True, lasting knowledge is borne from your experience (doing).  If you’re unwell today, it’s likely because you are making decisions based on information that’s untrustworthy or because of simple unawareness.  Both are easy to do in our modern society. Occasionally we are dealt difficult hands where our actions have nothing to do with the outcome of our current state.  These are difficult, unique situations, and should be handled as such.

The key to changing your current outcome is to replace wrong or non-thinking with right-thinking, which is the essence of learning.

The only way to learn is to rely on trustworthy information that when placed into practice bears fruit, that is to say, produces a Good and desired outcome.  The magic (fruit bearing) is in the doing.

Need help learning?

Fourth Step: Act

You must act on new information!  When you are confronted with information that’s in dissonance with your understanding, you must adapt. Information in wellness will come from the feedback of your clean body, from western science and tradition, eastern science and tradition, and myriad other sources.  Often, you will be confronted with information that challenges you or is contradictory.

If you do not act “in universe”, right-thinking and good information will not be translated into experience, which is what you come to know as right or “truth” and you will not have the opportunity to make the changes permanent, which is required of you to change the environment in your body and produce lasting wellness and weight loss.

 Need help acting?

In the very near future I’ll be giving you tools to use for each of these steps.  Stay tuned!

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