Wellness All In: Relinquish Judgement

So you’re All In, but need help with judgment?

Judgment is the act of pre-deciding (or pre-knowing) – and I believe it is one of the biggest reasons we are unable to come to a place of wellness.  Our society, especially around nutrition, is full of strong opinions concerning just about every aspect of what we should and should not eat – how we should sleep – for every detail of our lives, there’s someone with an opinion.

In order to come to a place of wellness you need to give up, or relinquish your judgment.  How will you change your patterns and become well, or even better, reach new heights of wellness – like peak wellness – if you do not change your patterns?  If you already know what works, how will you take on new information as it becomes available to you?  If someone presents new information to you, and you pre-decide it won’t work, how can you change?

In order to know something, you must safely experience it.  Using right-thinking and solid information you choose courses of action that you feel will result in wellness.  You try these new courses and observe the results – if the information is right and true, the fruit of your experience will bring you closer to your goal of wellness.

Navigating New Waters

You are the captain of a ship with as many maps as you could ask for.  You have dozens of them, some of them from experts, some of them laymen, some of them motivated by money, some motivated by pure intentions.  Our society has mixed these maps up – we don’t know what’s right anymore or which ones will get us home.  So to me, you are a captain of a ship navigating foggy waters with a dozen maps describing terrain no one can agree is there!

If you look into the fog, and boldly declare that you already know the path home based on the map in your head, you have pre-decided.  If you aren’t willing to alter the course of the boat, because you already know, you are relying on information that may or may not be correct for the waters you’re sailing.  You might run aground, you might not.

You see, the map the people around you provided was probably for different times, my friend.  And these waters no longer flow the way they did before – there are new obstacles, fresh whirlpools, new, more exciting paths – even safer paths.  The maps are so many and so varied as to drown out the image of the actual waters – the physical truth of the path forward.

How will you know the way forward?  First, by picking up the best map you can find and sailing the waters.  Once you sail the water with good information, your experience will allow you to Know, and you will have right-thinking.  The only thing that matters are the results: those that bear fruit are correct, those that do not, are discarded.

If you judge, you will have access to only a single map – the map you decided to be true.  If you suspend that judgment, all the maps on earth are at your disposal.  Then you can take these maps, pick the best and the true information from them, and assemble them into a single, well understood map that accurately describes the water.  Your results, if your map is correct, will be outstanding.

Do you see it?  Suspension of judgment gives you access to all of the information. =)

Where Do I Begin

Become aware of the decisions you’ve already made (your map).  Here are a few scribbles in the maps (your scripts) that I’ve encountered (some that I’ve personally conquered):

I need lots of meat to survive.
I don’t like vegetables or fruit.
I can eat as much as I want.
All food is safe for me.
I can drink anything I want.
Eating makes me feel happy.
Milk is required for good bone health.
I can’t eat raw foods.
All food should taste great and fill me up.

This is list could go on and on.  There’s so much wrong-thinking going on, it could fill volumes!

So, first know what you already believe.  Know your assumptions (your map).  If your reason is strong enough, you’re at a place where you can begin to challenge your assumptions.  You’ll do this with the next step, learning.  The process of challenging your assumptions and the willingness to change based on new information is the act of relinquishing judgment.

Please remember this: carefully consider what goes onto your map (stand guard at the doorway of your mind).  Don’t be silly with your decisions.  If someone asks you to drink poison, and 99% of the maps out there have something labeled as poison, don’t drink it!

Thank you for reading.  In gratitude.