Wellness Theory of Everything

After years of experience and experimentation with a variety of different approaches to weight loss, my wife and I became frustrated and decided that temporary changes in the environment of the body produce temporary change. We wanted permanent, life long change.

Before I get to the specific lifestyle my wife and I now follow, I’d like to share the tenets of the theory that drives the lifestyle that we’ve come to call Next Generation Wellness.

Wellness Theory of Everything

1)  The mind (brain-stuff) is the physical receiver of your universe.  You (person in the driver’s seat) choose to interpret your experiences from this receiver with a worldview that can positively, negatively, or neutrally affect you.  Positive interpretations and feelings promote a state of peak wellness.

2)  The body is a machine meant to be in motion. Restrict it, and you limit your access to peak states and wellness.

3)  Plants are the stuff of wellness. The more you eat and the larger the variety, the healthier you will be.  (primarily plant based diet)

4)  The more processed your food, the more obfuscated its benefits. Eat as much of your food in as close to its natural state as possible. (“food product” vs. food)

5)  Your body is responsible for healing, not the medicine you take. Medicine alters the state of your environment, and can aid the body in healing, but ultimately it is your body doing the work of healing. (get out of your body’s way)

6)  Toxic load slows down the healing process and can severely limit access to peak states.

7)  Alkalinity generally leads to wellness, acidity leads to imbalance.

8)  Your environment – emotional, internal, and external – affects your state, wellness, and capacity to heal.

9)  Eating too much negatively affects the internal environment of your body.

10)  Fasting permits a re-centering of the body, spirit, and mind and will aid in the detoxification process.

11)  The environment of your body-mind (body-brain-stuff) affects your perceptions. The cleaner your body-mind, the clearer your perceptions.  Ultimately, the environment of your body-mind-place affects you “in universe”.

A theory is an operating principle, a way of viewing the landscape – a catalyst for real change. From this landscape Next Generation Wellness was born. It’s capable of producing peak emotion, peak passion, and peak wellness. It has healed both my wife and I in profound, fundamental ways – permanently. It’s pure magic.

But you have to do it. The magic is in the doing, so get started!

Keep asking the right questions!


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