What My Business Taught Me

What My Business Taught Me

And so my journey continues. With the help of my wife and son, I helped to start, grow, and close a business called Fermentation Girl. This business was exciting, difficult, and I learned at a rate that I hadn’t in a long time.

In brief, here’s what I learned:

  1. Rare is the person who cares about their food. Corollary: our food system is doomed to failure. Due to our current socio-economic and technology structures, there is no way to successfully convince the mass of consumers in the US to choose wisely. The system is built to scale linearly, and this scale will necessarily require the fundamental degradation of our food’s quality. As scale continues, so will the decline of the quality of our food. The tenants of the industrial revolution and material reductionism (and price sensitivity) now being applied to our food will eventually cause mass disease and the genetic-mental degradation of our species.
  2. The world is full of rascals. I knew that before, but damn, go into business, and they come out of the woodwork.
  3. Persistence, hard work, and an unbending will is rewarded in universe. I watched the bending I sometimes talk about happen before my eyes in ways that even now makes me emotional. To walk in faith, without fear and fully surrendered, is something beautiful.
  4. Being good has no true value in capitalism. The perception of being good has marketing value. A key distinction!
  5. Anything’s possible with a little suffering.
  6. True friends, who want nothing more than your success, can almost always be counted on your hand. Cherish these relationships.
  7. Changing the world takes a terrifying amount of capital and will; this is a young soul’s game.

So this is what I now know. What will I do next with this hard earned, expensive experience?

First, I’m resting. Next, I’ll play with a radical new approach to whole living and achieving peak wellness.