Where-What You Are

Where-What You Are

Let’s think about you.

What are you?

  • Well, you are, physically, bones, blood, mucus, flesh, and body-stuff in a sack of water.

Where did this come from?

  • The food you are eating and have eaten (up to seven years ago).
  • The air you are breathing.
  • The water you drink.
  • What you are bathing in.
  • The state of your mind.

So think about it – you are a changing, dynamic organism that right now, is in the process of constant change.  Your entire body is destroyed and renewed in various cycles.  Every cell.  Every tissue.  You are born anew in a dynamic process.  You are not the same person you were, not even moments before.  Continuity of flesh is, in fact, an illusion – the organism you’re driving is constantly dying and being reborn at the cellular level.

Through the choices you make in what you eat, drink, breathe, and bathe in – you are the taskmaster of a body-mind-symphony that ultimately, creates you.  The choices you are making right now will dictate the future you and is influencing the present you.

The WHAT you are is intrinsically linked to WHERE you are.  The bacteria surrounding you lines your digestive track, excreting the very stuff of life. The air you breathe helps dictate the internal environment of your body.  What you are bathing in is absorbed by your skin.  The water you drink becomes the very stuff that conducts this beautiful symphony.

If you move to a new place, your body changes because if you alter your environment, physically or mentally, your body physically changes.  It adapts to you and your place “in universe”.

You have the freedom of choice.  In fact, with every action, you are choosing.

If you’re not the who or what that you want to be, be clear about your desires and choose again.  The whole ecosystem that is you is designed to become the person of your choosing – be it sick, well, or bursting at the seams with vitality.

It’s mostly your call.

Thanks for reading!  Keeping demanding better answers to questions that matter.